The Secret to Our Science...

"Our secret is 
there are no secrets.

We share our science for full disclosure.
With XO Cannabis,

What you see is what you get!"

XO Cartridges are refined to a 90%+ THC profile with less <1% other cannabinoid compounds. 

Our process starts by extracting grade A, pesticide-free, in-house flower that we cultivate ourselves with care and love. We then process with a CO2 extraction leaving behind no harsh solvents. We never use butane in our distillate and only process with Alchemical certified organic non GMO project verified alcohol. Each batch is double tested for pesticides and potency to verify no contamination and guarantee that our cartridges are 100% clean and pure for your consumption.

A cartridge for the people not the corporations

Here at XO, we believe it’s all about the PEOPLE using the product. Our goal is to make this a market for the consumers, where your wants and needs dictate the end result. We’ve been in the cannabis industry our whole lives and grew up in the counterculture. Moving forward into the recreational market we have a chance to keep Cannabis from becoming a corporation of greed. These are plants that we’ve all grown up with. By keeping our product pure and our prices low we can ensure everyone has continued access to healthy, clean and affordable distillate.

Never compromise quality

We’re working closely with industry regulators and independent labs to make sure all cannabis products are being accurately labeled so you know EXACTLY what you are consuming. It’s your right as a consumer! Our Director, Patrick recently assisted with an exposé for the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit to demonstrate the more than 20% spread that exists in independent 3rd party testing in CA. It is our goal moving forward into the recreational market to rectify discrepancies in 3rd party potency and residual testing so that our patients don’t need to second guess what compounds are being introduced into their body.

Change starts with all of us.
A better product, a better you, a better planet!

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Independent lab testing 
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 "In compliance with CA Prop 215 SB 420 Section 11362.5 and 11362.7 of HSC. Do not drive or operate heavy equipment. Keep out of reach of children. Unlawful to redistribute."  




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